10/21 – Writing for the Public, Featuring Scott Poulson-Bryant

Anecdotal evidence suggests that academics, especially those early in their career, are more attuned than ever to the importance of reaching beyond the ivory tower and engaging with a wider public. This semester, the Writing Center is hosting a two-part speaker series...

10/21 – Heather Clark on Sylvia Plath, with Ruth Franklin

With a wealth of never-before-accessed materials–including unpublished letters and manuscripts; court, police, and psychiatric records; and new interviews–Heather Clark brings to life the brilliant daughter of Wellesley, Massachusetts who had poetic...

10/15 – Larry Tye on Joseph McCarthy, with Kai Bird

In the long history of American demagogues, from Huey Long to Donald Trump, never has one man caused so much damage in such a short time as Senator Joseph McCarthy. We still use “McCarthyism” to stand for outrageous charges of guilt by association, a weapon of...
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